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Hello, I am Laura!
Comic Artist/ Illustrator/ Animator. Welcome to my art blog. Posting illustrations, character designs/concepts, stories, and future projects.
Also, come check out my webcomic, Mystereobot. It's really lame!

Commissions are CLOSED

Sometimes I revamp old characters in my current style to pass time.  So I decided to revamp a few characters from old series of mine in 2011. It’s really fun for me, ok, I recommend.


ANDROID GIRLFRIENDS WEARING ADORABLE MATCHING SWEATSHIRTS please let them ruin ur life as they have ruined mine

[commission by bioatomic!]

Frooty Monsters at the Beach
and it’s really hot over here holy jesus

I sure make some froooooootyass characters for a webcomic that doesn’t even exist yet



A new basic commissions sheet! New rule: will not draw NSFW or fanart, *will draw robots, monsters, humans, basically any humanoid, and other creatures* that’s all. If you’re interested or have any questions, please inbox or email me at Payments by paypal only, and upfront. Thanks, have a nice day everyone!

so I don’t usually self promote a lot but I am need of some financial help so if interested, you know what to do :]

Reminder Again.


gloss boss dumped with buttload of glitter i have no imagination